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Date Event Class Event Type Event Details Original Points Current Points
Date Event Class Event Type Event Details Original Points Current Points
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Holders Count Distribution Total Supply 260,000
Holders Stack Distribution Total Supply 260,000
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Parameter Value Tier Status
Project Maturity 7 years Tier 1
Established Project
Transaction Volume Level $1,048,277 - Last 24H transacted Tier 2
Medium Volume
Cryptocurrencies Sites Listings
  • Coingecko
  • Coinmarket Cap
  • CoinPaprika
Tier 1
Normal Exposure
Exchanges Listings
  • Binance
  • Huobi Global
  • BitMart
  • Bittrex
  • Digifinex
  • BKEX
  • MEXC Global
  • Pionex
  • StakeCube Exchange
  • Deepcoin
  • TokoCrypto
  • TradeOgre
  • Freiexchange
  • CREX24
  • HitBTC
  • Changelly PRO
  • WazirX
  • Satang Pro
  • CoinEx
  • FinexBox
  • Indodax
  • Hotbit
  • AEX
Tier 1
High Exposure
Holders Tier 8,535 - 7D avg Tier 5
Starting Community
Social Channels 95,893 users is Social Channels Tier 3
Transparency Level
Tier 5
Not Evaluated
Smart Contract Analysis -- -- Review Incoming
Project Overview for FIRO
Project Description Firo - formerly known as Zcoin, is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that deploys zero-knowledge proofs to ensure fully anonymous transactions. It works by allowing users to destroy coins and then redeem later for brand new ones with no transaction history. 

Firo differs from the other privacy-centric coins in the market in that it does not merely obfuscate payment trails, but rather, works to abolish them. 

Its operation is backed by the Lelantus privacy protocol, which is an upgrade from standard cryptographic assumptions, supporting high anonymity sets without requiring ‘trusted setup’. 

Firo’s operations are also backed by Dandelion++ which conceals the originating IP of transactions, removing the need for external services such as Tor or i2P. 

The Firo/Zcoin blockchain was used in the Thai Democrat Party Elections in 2018 to elect its party leader with over 127,000+ votes cast nationwide making it the first wide-scale application of blockchain technology in a political election.

Firo Contracts
Circulating Supply 12,178,375.05
Total Supply 260,000
Holders Count 8,535
Firo Categories
Zero Knowledge (ZK)
Privacy Coins
Current Firo Price $2.03
FIRO Status in the last 24 hours